Payoneer for OC 2.x Payment Gateway (logo included in checkout) 
NOT FOR OC 1.5.x or previous versions! NOT FOR OC 3.x or later versions! 


  • This Payoneer payment method extension will allow you to accept payments on your website by using Payoneer payment gateway. You can select Geo zone from where you accept payments of this type.
  • The installation is very easy and a full documentation will be supplied with the purchase.
  • Once your customer will go to checkout, he will be able to use this payment type. Customer will receive an email with the payment details once order is done.
  • Compatible with multi-language websites. Compatible with all response themes.
  • This Payoneer payment method does NOT replace any files and is 100% compatible with all versions of OpenCart.
  • The logo of Payoneer at the checkout payment options. 

How it works: 


Demo front end:
Checkout E-Mail Address: test@test.test
Password: demo

Demo Admin: 
Username: demo
Password: demo


1) ALWAYS make a backup of your site before applying new mods.
2) Unzip the downloaded files.
3) You should have a folder called UPLOAD.
4) Upload the contents of this folder to your web shop's admin, catalog and image. 
These are new files and no files will be overwritten.


5) Login to your Administration panel. 
6) Select "System > Users > User Groups". Edit the "Top Administrator" group.
Make sure "payment/payoneer" is checked in both the Access Permission and Modify Permission lists. Save.   
7) Select "Extensions > Payments >".
8) Click on Install in the row of "Payoneer"
9) Click on "Edit Payoneer"
10) Set the Payoneer instructions.
Type: Payoneer will send you an email with all the details.
11) Set the Order Status: Choose "Pending"
12) Set the Geo Zone: Choose "All Zones"
13) Set the Status: Choose "Enabled"
14) Sort Order: ...
15) Save Payoneer Payment Gateway.

That's all...
We wish you lots of sales using the Payoneer Payment Gateway.

A complete Installation guide in English is included in the download.

© 2017 Fred den Broeder for

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Payoneer for OC 2.x

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