• Offshore Dedicated Linux Servers Level 1

Offshore Dedicated Linux Servers

We understand how important privacy is when running online operations. Be sure to read our Privacy Policy to learn more. Our offshore servers are physically located in the Republic of Panama, running under redundant high speed Internet connections and 24/7 Technical Support. If your concern is the location of your server and the privacy of your information, you have come to the right place.

Server Level: 
CPU typeDual Core Intel 
RAM: 2 GB  
Hard Drive160 GB   
Data Transfer / MonthTB
IP Address1 IP Address (Included) 
DDoS Protection10 Gbps/10 MPPS 
Price / Month in THB:  4,000.-  

Offshore Servers Featuring...

Choose your preferred Control Panel:

  • Free Control Panels:
    • CentOS 
  • Licensed Control Panels:
    • CentOS with cPanel Server (1750.- ฿/month)
    • CentOS with Plesk for 10 domains (820.- ฿/month)

IP Addresses1 IP Address Included

  • Extra IP Addresses:
    • 2 IP Addresses Pack (420.- ฿/month)
    • 5 IP Addresses Pack (1400.- ฿/month)
    • 6 IP Addresses Pack (1700.- ฿/month)
    • 7 IP Addresses Pack (2000.- ฿/month)
    • 8 IP Addresses Pack (2300.- ฿/month)
    • 9 IP Addresses Pack (2575.- ฿/month)
    • 10 IP Addresses Pack (2850.- ฿/month)

Cutting edge server hardware:

  • Redundant Network powered by Cisco
    • Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking equipment. Our entire networking infrastructure is powered by their routing and switching equipment, which allows us to maintain a reliable and fast network.
  • Secure Servers
    • DDoS Protected Network. All of our servers are protected by multiple security layers providing a secure environment for e-commerce companies and application service providers. We use state of the art Intrussion Prevention System and hardware firewall appliance that dynamically block attacks and hacking attempts.

First Class Support:

  • 24/7/365 Premium Support via Phone Support, Live Chat Support, Email and Support Ticket
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring


  • Price and contract per year.
  • Acceptable Use Policy (Click here)

  • Are your servers Offshore? 
    • Yes. Our servers and data centers are located in Panama city, Panama. Panama jurisdiction offers great (financial) benefits. 
  • What kind of content can I host? 
    • We can host any kind of content. We strongly recommend you to read our Accpetable Use Policy for a list of content we do not allow.
      • Examples of acceptable content:
        • Investment Websites 
        • Game Servers 
        • Med Websites 
        • Freedom of speach Websites 
        • Web Hosting Resellers 
        • DDoS Protection Resellers 
        • Forums Websites 
        • E-Commerce Websites 
        • Wordpress Websites 
        • Bitcoins Services Websites 
  • Do you offer anonymous web hosting? 
    • Yes, we offer DDoS Protection service for dedicated servers and is included with your offshore dedicated server. We can protect you against flood attacks, sync attacks amoung others.
  • Must I provide valid contact information for opening an account? 
    • Yes. When you open an account with us you must include accurate contact information. Any contact information provided will be protected by our Privacy Policy.
  • What if my domain gets into DDoS attack? 
    • In the case of a DDoS attack we will automatically filter the incomming attack. We will then proceed to contact you.
  • How fast will you activate a dedicated server account? 
    • Dedicted Servers accounts are delivered within 24 hours.

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Offshore Dedicated Linux Servers Level 1

  • Product Code: Offshore Dedicated Linux Servers Level 1
  • 48,000฿

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